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Verbal Communication: 

Spanish, English

  • Telephone

  • In-person

  • Video

Non-Verbal Communication:

American Sign Language

  • In-person

  • Video



Written Communication:

Spanish, English

  • Documents

  • Letters

  • Emails

  • Contracts

  • Manuals

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Marriage & Birth Certificates

Jolyne Zaldivar
Clintonville, WI
Interpreting & Translating Services

Owner and founder of Bridging Language Barriers LLC, an interpreting and translating service provider and resource center for our ever expanding Spanish speakers in Wisconsin, established in 2012. Since then we have grown to seven on our team with translating and interpreting excellence. Our team specializes in different areas of service; from medical, city and county law, insurance, employment, school, counseling, travel, church, funeral, pharmacy and financial. Many say I wear a lot of hats, but as a single mom my most favorite is being just that! My goal is just being present wherever I am :) I enjoy cooking, watching movies and traveling with my classy 14 year old daughter Mia. She teaches me a lot! We love to play in the snow or at the beach with our 24 month old, 135 pound Great White Pyrenees dog Elliot. I am a lifelong member of the Clintonville community and a native Spanish speaker. I have been an active community advocate for our growing Hispanic Community and give honor to my parents Israel J. Sr. & Antonia Acevedo for what I do today. I currently serve on the Pigeon River Board and Community Foundations Board of Clintonville. I am the director of New Life Hispanic Ministries of Calvary Apostolic Church, where I reside. I am very passionate about building genuine relationships and investing in our local community. The Compassionate Connections Center has provided an avenue for me to serve our Hispanic community with interpreting and translating needs in the most delicate areas closest to the heart of our city. I am honored to be part of this team and continue to look forward to the success of the City of Clintonville in its entirety and making Compassionate Connections! #ilovemycity 

“Service does not come from a manual, it comes from the heart.”


Scheduling or quotes please call or email:

(715) 823-5533

(715) 863-9239

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