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Our Commitment

At the Compassionate Connections Center, we are passionate about providing those in need with the necessities they need to thrive every day and when it comes to food consumption, our story stays the same. The Nutrition Mission is a weekend backpack program that is designed to serve vulnerable students in the Clintonville School District. Today we are proud to say our program serves upwards of 260 students a week throughout all the academic locations in Clintonville, WI. This includes the Clintonville public, private, and homeschooled students.

What sets us apart

As a program prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our youth, we carefully pick foods we think would nutritionally benefit our students while still ensuring that we fill the bellies of our students over the duration of the weekend.

Our Core Values

  • Serve: Here to serve the students of Clintonville School District by battling food insecurity.

  • Nourish: We strive to feed and nourish our students by providing healthy, sustainable, and easy to prepare meals to students who demonstrate need.

  • Inspire: Inspiring our youth to focus on academics without having to worry about their next meal. 

  • Partnership: Our partnerships, local and remote, enable us to create an impact in our schools and community.

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